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10 Songs To Avoid At Your Wedding Reception

Wedding entertainment advice

Wedding entertainment advice

These well-known songs may seem like ideal first dances or floor-fillers for your wedding reception, but be warned – their lyrical content is NOT one of enduring love!

10 Songs To Avoid At Your Wedding Reception

There are some seriously popular songs that get requested over and over, but these ones aren't going to set the right tone for your big day! Read on for the whole story, or jump to our Spotify playlist.

1 Someone Like You – Adele

"I heard that you're settled down, that you found a girl and you're married now"

If you hadn't listened to the lyrics, you might thing this was a love song. However, this is a sad song about Adele finding 'someone like' the lover she has lost. Definitely not a good choice for your wedding band to play!

2 Stay With Me – Sam Smith

"Guess it's true, I'm not good at a one-night stand, but I still need love 'cause I'm just a man"

Although we all love this huge hit by Sam Smith, dancing to a song about a one night stand may not be the best way to start your married life.

3 I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

"Weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye, did you think I'd crumble?"

This anthem by Gloria Gaynor, while uplifting, is about getting over an ex-boyfriend. Maybe this song has helped get you over a break up in the past? Probably best to avoid it on your wedding night.

4 Mr Brightside – The Killers

"But she’s touching his chest now, he takes off her dress now"

This lyrics of this huge dance floor filler by The Killers reference the jealousy felt over an affair. Having said that, we'd understand if you ignore the lyrics and get on the dance floor for this one anyway!

5 Forget You – Cee Lo Green

"I pity the fool that falls in love with you"

Cee Lo Green's hit Forget You is about a girl who left him for a richer man. We're sure she's regretting that now, especially if she's heard the explicit version!

6 Single Ladies – Beyoncé

"Don't be mad once you see that he want it, if you liked it then you should've put a ring on it"

This one is obvious. He already "put a ring on it", so you don't need this song any more, though your unattached bridesmaids may still appreciate it!

7 Suspicious Minds – Elvis Presley

"Here we go again, asking where I've been"

The lyrics of this classic Elvis song are about the mistrust of a suspicious partner. While we're sure you won't experience this in your marriage, it might be best to choose a more positive song for your wedding band to play!

8 Rolling In The Deep – Adele

"The scars of your love remind me of us, they keep me thinking that we almost had it all"

One of Adele's biggest hits; this one usually goes down well on the dance floor. However, like many of Adele's songs, this is about a break up. The lyrics are actually quite aggressive, so this is definitely not the best choice for your wedding night.

9 Should I Stay Or Should I Go – The Clash

"This indecision's buggin' me, if you don't want me, set me free"

A rock anthem by The Clash, this song is asking if the author should stay or leave his relationship. Hopefully your new spouse will be staying by your side for good!

10 Easy Lover – Philip Bailey, Phil Collins

"For she'll say there's no other, till she finds another"

Easily one of his biggest hits, this is a satisfying slice of Collins cheese, but it's not the best song to be singing to your new bride on the dancefloor.

11 Wild Card: Isn't She Lovely – Stevie Wonder

"Life is Aisha, the meaning of her name, Londie it could have not been done without you who conceived the one"

At first glance, this may seem like the perfect song to dedicate to your new wife. However, this song was actually written about Stevie Wonder's newborn baby, Aisha!

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