5 Live Music Suggestions For Your Summer Garden Party

08 Jun

Stylish soirée or bohemian banquet, this advice will ensure your guests are fed mouthwatering music, whatever the occasion.

1. Steel Pan Band

Nothing says summer like the celebratory sound of a steel band. The association with carnival partying and dancing is undeniable, and if you want to put a smile on your guests’ faces and see them moving to a meringue or a Marley classic, this is the way to go! Two of our most popular steel bands are The Merry-Makers and The Steel Panthers, both providing incredibly upbeat and entertaining performances. No power supply is required, meaning they can perform anywhere in your garden. Having said that, direct sunlight can put the pans out of tune, so please find them a shady spot!

2. Dixieland-style Trad Jazz Band

The uplifting sounds of dixieland music are wonderfully suited to a garden gathering.  Like steel bands, Dixieland bands are acoustic and don’t need a power supply, freeing them up to move from one spot to the next at the drop of a (straw) hat. Check out The Slick City Jazz Stompers and The 12th Street Swingers, recently featured playing in the sun at this garden party. The Hot Notes are a favourite up north.

3. String Trio or Quartet

For a more sophisticated crowd and  a more elegant ambience, a string trio or quartet will fit the bill! Some of our customers’ favourites are London-based Clemenza Duo, Trio or Quartet or Sakura String Quartet up north. String ensembles won’t need a power supply, but please be aware that sunlight and rain can seriously damage ancient instruments so some shelter (eg. a three-sided gazebo) is required.

4. Gypsy Jazz Band

Gypsy Jazz and Hot Club style music will bring a sunny, bohemian spirit to your festivities. For foot-tapping finesse from duos to quartets, have a listen to Spirit of Django, The Smokin’ Romas, Gypsy Street, and The Gypsy Pearls. Depending on the line-up, some groups may need power.

5. Guitar & Cajon Duo

If sing-a-long rock and pop classics are a must, this is the duo combination for you. Packing enough rhythmic punch to get people dancing (but not breaking the sound barrier and driving your neighbours crazy), The Buskers have graced numerous festival-style outdoor knees-ups, as Rachael and Mike will testify. As have The Clementines, Marcel & Matt and The Heartbeats. Please be aware these line-ups will require power (for a small vocal PA and guitar amp).

Need more advice? Give us a call on  0845 643 2160 or email info@functioncentral.co.uk and our live music booking experts will be happy to help.

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