Ceilidh & folk bands for hire

Hire a ceilidh, folk or barn dance band to perform English, Irish and Scottish music for all ages

Our folk bands are perfect for family get-togethers and relaxed events. Our Irish or Scottish ceilidh bands play uptempo jigs and reels such as the Gay Gordons, Strip The Willow and The Eightsome Reel, and range in size from 3-piece to 10-piece bands. A starting line-up might consist of fiddle, acoustic guitar and bodhran, with larger line-ups adding caller, as well as instruments like banjo, mandolin, accordion, flute piano, drums and bass.

Ceilidh dancing is a great way of bringing people together and involving all ages at weddings, parties, family gatherings and anniversaries. And you don’t need to know the steps – most bands offer an optional caller to take you through the moves.

Our traditional English and Irish folk bands perform shanties, ballads and traditional songs such as Fields Of Anthenry and Whiskey In The Jar as well as more recent songs by The Pogues and The Dubliners.

We also have barn dance bands specialising in English or American country music (think square dances, hoedowns and line dances!)

If you’re booking a band for your wedding and can’t decide between ceilidh or a rock & pop function band, you don’t need to choose – some wedding ceilidh bands can offer rock & pop party sets or a DJ service after their sets of ceilidh music.

Please add your event date and location to check availability.

The McCeilidhs

The McCeilidhs

  • Glasgow
  • 3
  • (10)

Fresh and dynamic Irish and Scottish ceilidh band with tons of experience playing at weddings, parties and celebrations. The band can call the dances if required and will have you whirling around the dancefloor all night!

The Melrose Ceilidh Band

The Melrose Ceilidh Band

  • Berwickshire
  • 3
  • (8)

Animated and up-tempo Scottish ceilidh band with an energetic and contemporary approach – ideal for dancing at weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties or community parties. Caller included. DJ service available.

The Mixers Ceilidh Band

The Mixers Ceilidh Band

  • Manchester
  • 4-5
  • (6)

Traditional Irish, folk and celtic band from the North West, performing an eclectic and lively range of traditional and contemporary Irish folk music, as well as rock’n’roll and country. Also available as a 5-piece with caller.

The London Bluegrass Band

The London Bluegrass Band

  • London
  • 3 -4
  • (4)

Americana Bluegrass trio with stunning three and four part vocal harmonies! Also available as a 4 and 5-piece (banjo and fiddle).

The easy way to hire ceilidh bands

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