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Sleight of Hand


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Sleight of Hand is a London-based, award winning Close-Up Magician and Sleight of Hand Artist specialising in Close-Up Magic with cards, coins, Rubik’s Cubes and borrowed objects. Bank notes, bottles, cutlery, finger rings, glasses, mobile phones, napkins, pens, rubber bands, wrist watches (stolen but returned) and anything else that happens to be lying around. No rabbits, no doves. Basically common familiar objects, which can always be examined prior, during and after the show. 

The audience were very much impressed – “brilliant” being the main description! Martin, London, Private Event, May 2019

Booking a good Close-Up Magician adds a unique form of entertainment to any social event, helping to break uneasy silences and allowing your guests to interact. It’s also a very practical form of entertainment; as a one man act with a huge repertoire of magic all my props are self contained in my pockets or borrowed, I’m ready to go anywhere at anytime throughout your event and I don't require a specific performing area so I can stop and start at a moments notice.

As a full time pro with over sixteen years experience as an entertainer, performing Magic is Sleight of Hand's full time job. Sixty percent of his work comes from repeat bookings and he has won awards for performing Magic from the Magic Circle and the annual International Magic Convention. He's always on the hunt for new Magic effects to advance his repertoire and he will fool you but he'll be nice about it at the same time, that’s guaranteed!

Performance info

Line-up Magician
Performance duration 60-90 mins mix and mingle

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