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Twisted Aerial Show


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Introducing a spellbinding mobile aerial show featuring incredible acrobatics! This compact, revolving aerial rig is the perfect choice if your venue isn't set up for circus acts, as it's fully self-contained and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. After the show, it can be taken down in 5-6 minutes to give your guests their dancefloor back straight away!

Twisted Aerial Show features 2 professional and multi-skilled acrobats performing aerial tricks on this stunning, rotating, free-standing rig. Your guests won't have seen this act before!

The acrobats will perform graceful and impressive choreography on, around and above the rig including high balances, lifts, hand-stands and strong feats. The arch itself makes a beautiful center-piece for your venue, and the audience will get a surprise when the acrobats begin and it starts to move.

Of all the performers I have seen, I have to say that this is the most spellbinding and probably the best. A touch of sheer class, something that demands huge skill! The Eastgate Centre, Basildon

Twisted Aerial Show offer a variety of themes to suit different events: winter garden, summer flowers, corporate white or The Greatest Showman.

They offer their acrobatic and climbing show (6 minutes), an ambient solo aerial silks set (15 minutes) and an ambient solo and duet aerial silks set (15 minutes). The duo can perform 3 slots of your event, including a combination of these 3 options.

Performance info

Line-up 2 acrobats
Performance duration 1 x 6 minute show plus 2 x 15 minute ambient sets

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