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Linda & David's Ruby Wedding Anniversary

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Latest news

Linda and David celebrated their Ruby Wedding Anniversary Party in true golden oldie style, surrounded by all their friends and favourite music. Rat Pack singer Fly Me To The Moon "did it his way" and took guests back to the 1950s with his dulcet tones!

Linda & David's Ruby Wedding Anniversary

We had our Ruby Wedding Anniversary Party in a marquee in our garden. It was a summer party and had a sophisticated, tropical feel to it.

He sounded just like the real thing. I can't imagine having a better Rat Pack impersonator!

We chose Fly Me To The Moon from Function Central's collection of singers.


We also had a flautist playing pop ballads to welcome guests and create a romantic atmosphere, a magician to break the ice and get them talking beforehand and also to entertain whilst eating. Then we had classical background music during the meal which created a relaxed atmosphere whilst allowing for conversation.


Finally, as well as our fantastic Rat Pack singer Fly Me To The Moon, we also booked an Elvis tribute act - our guests all love rock and roll!

He was so professional – we can't speak highly enough of him. He was absolutely brilliant in every way. He really interacted and involved all the guests and his voice was magnificent.


He was a very relaxed, calming influence, and was extremely well prepared for anything. Sadly a member of our party became very unwell during the night and collapsed, but he held it together and handled it impeccably.


We couldn't have been more satisfied. People said "he sounded just like the real thing". I can't imagine having a better Rat Pack tribute. We live in close proximity to The Reading Rock Festival which was taking place on the same weekend and our local guests thought he had been performing at the festival and had popped over to sing for us!


Favourite moments? There are so many!


Initially it was seeing the finished effect of the decorated marquee - simple yet elegant, and the colours (lime green and fuchsia which I wouldn't have thought about having myself) looked so well together.


Secondly – the cake and all the flowers which were individually made by Debbie, and I had to touch them before I could believe it. Thirdly – the magical effect of Pippa's beautiful flute playing seemed to set the scene perfectly.

Fourth - having our original wedding photographer back to take the photos felt like deja-vu! He showed us some of the photos of guests who had attended both events which made us realise how long we had all known each other and grown up together.


Last but by no means least, the fantastic Rat Pack singer Fly Me To The Moon for exceptional entertainment!


Photographer: Eric Strange of Chobam. Our original wedding photographer!

Flowers and Décor: Lydia Keep of Norwich

Cake: Debbie Down Basingstoke

Magician: Simon Alexander Wokingham

Flautist: Pippa Hockey Shinfield

Background music: Howard Rowntree

Marquee: Harlequin Marquee Hire Wokingham

Catering: Harlequin Catering Wokingham

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Fly Me To The Moon

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A swinging and sophisticated Rat Pack tribute singer, Fly Me to the Moon will bring all the style and excitement of lounge cabaret to your event!

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