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Charlotte & Tim

Real weddings

Real weddings

Charlotte and Tim enjoyed their vintage themed wedding at the Lainston House Hotel in Winchester. Making their day even more special, Rockit's upbeat dance music kept them having fun and laughing all night - with a big cake too!

Charlotte & Tim

For our wedding venue Tim and I chose the Lainston House Hotel in Winchester, Hampshire and went for a vintage theme.

We thought Rockit were amazing! Not only were they incredibly talented, but also genuinely nice, down to earth people, and the dance floor was filled the entire evening!

We loved this hotel, it had everything we were looking for and it was just beautiful!


We thought Rockit were amazing! Not only were they incredibly talented, but also genuinely nice, down to earth people. They did everything they could to make our evening as enjoyable as possible and the dance floor was filled the entire evening!

I have since recommended them to friends who were unable to join us on the day and would certainly look to book them for another special occasion.

Tim and I were looking for a band who could tailor their performance to an audience of all ages. We found Rockit on a list of wedding bands available in Hampshire, and we immediately noticed they were only signed up with one management agency. This usually means they're very good at what they do!

We chose Rockit to perform at our wedding for being an indie/rock group who looked the part and sounded fantastic! We also thought Rockit were the best band out of all of the bands we listened to on Function Central's website.


Getting married to my husband was one of the best moments of the day. Some of our other favourite moments were having everyone who means the world to us there to share our special day, the food, and of course the band - who were absolutely amazing!



Photography -

Flowers - The Flower Shop, Chandler's Ford

Cake - Sandra Lendon - The cake was beautifully decorated and exactly as I specified. She is a nurse who recently cared for my friend, which is how I came to learn if her amazing cake making skills! You can find her on Facebook.

Hairdresser - Carly Harrison, Talons & Shirley, Southampton - Carly has been my hairdresser for 8 years and I wouldn't have asked anyone else to have done mine and my bridesmaid's hair, she's very creative!

Dress - The dress was my mum's, which she saved for me after marrying her husband 9 years ago.

Advice - Don't worry about what you can't control and just focus on what you can. Not everything will go to plan, but these are usually the finer details that no one else would notice but you, just enjoy every part of your wedding including the planning, as it's all over in the blink of an eye. Great pictures are the key to capturing your life long memories!

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Amp up your party with Rockit: a sensational party band with a huge catalogue of rock, indie and pop floor-fillers from Chuck Berry and The Beatles to The Killers and Ed Sheeran!

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