A checklist for event safety

Before the day

You’ll have the most amount of time to work on these elements, so make sure you dedicate the time to getting it right:

Do you have a team together with the right skills and experience?
Have you chosen a venue with the right facilities and accessibility?
Have you produced and shared the relevant risk assessments?
Have you identified roles and responsibilities for everyone?
Do you have a method of communicating with all the relevant people?
Do you need a first aider at the event?
Have you attended a SAG and liaised with any relevant authorities?
Is installation of any electrics completed and tested?
Have you planned the venue design?
Do you know how any structures, such as stages and marquees, will be set up safely?
Have you done a site induction for all staff?
Have you made sure contractors can get on site and set up safely?
Is information provided on where any deliveries should go?
Have you set up a traffic management system?

On the day

You’ll have put a lot of work in to get to this point and although it’s the busiest time, you’ve got to keep up the pace and make sure health and safety remains a priority.

Are the right entrances open and free from obstruction?
Are teams or individuals feeding back the relevant information?
Is everyone setting up according to the agreed health and safety protocols?
Are contractors demonstrating the expected levels of care and competence?
Are there teams in place to spot any crowd management issues?
Are there trained first aiders on site with signs to indicate where they are?
Are there enough bins provided around the site and someone to empty them during the event?
Are staff easily identifiable?

After the day

The hard work doesn’t stop when the event does. There’s still a lot to do when cleaning up after an event. Think about:

Are guests leaving safely without any issue?
Are traffic marshals in place?
Do contractors know when they can safely remove equipment?
Has everyone been notified when the site will be clear of guests?
How will waste be deposed of?