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Charlotte Ferne


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Meet Charlotte Ferne, a captivating and accomplished singer-songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist still in her early twenties.

Charlotte's been gracing bars, pubs, venues, weddings, and parties across the North West of England with her stunning performances since she was sixteen years old.

As well as regularly showcasing her own music at venues around the UK, she's performed contracts with Princess Cruises, delighting audiences on cruise ships in North America and the Caribbean.

Stunning vocals and a great rapport with the crowd, flawless performance Jamie, Bar Event, Liverpool

Charlotte Ferne's exceptional talent has caught the attention of BBC Introducing, leading to multiple radio plays of her original songs and a coveted artist interview. Armed with just her guitar and her mesmerising voice, she's wowed audiences from all corners of the globe.

Drawing from her diverse experiences, including her time on Princess Cruises, Charlotte Ferne is a versatile solo performer who effortlessly adapts her playing style to suit a variety of gig atmospheres. Her wealth of expertise and charm will ensure an unforgettable musical experience for your guests.

Performance info

Starting line-up Vocals/guitar
Performance duration 2 x 45 minute sets

Booking options

Add extra guitarist
From £125
For swaggering solos and a wider repertoire
Add bassist
From £125
For a fuller line-up and bigger sound
Extra performances
From £60 per musician per half an hour
Keep the music going for longer

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