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Wedding bands for hire

Hire an outstanding live wedding band performing upbeat music from all eras, to fill your dancefloor and appeal to all. Available UK wide.

To check availability, please add your event date to the menu above.

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The Sweet and Lowdown

  • Brighton
  • 4
  • (125)

Fun and totally unique party band with both female and male lead vocals, playing everything from retro swing, vintage jive and rock'n'roll through to 80s funk, 90s R&B and modern chart with a twist. Afternoon acoustic sets and DJ service also available. Low season and midweek discounts.

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Agent Smith

  • Manchester
  • 4
  • (214)

Exceptional party and wedding band playing everything from vintage 1950s rock’n’roll to cutting edge pop, indie and R&B. High profile clients include BT, Mini Cooper and Microsoft! Background acoustic duo sets, DJ service & winter discounts available.

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Party Up

  • Kent
  • 6-10
  • (142)

Party down with Party Up, the slickest pop, soul and funk band in the South East! The band count Sky, Cadburys and the actress Emma Thompson among their regular clients. Available with DJ service, acoustic duo, backing vocalists and horn section.

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  • Surrey
  • 3-4
  • (146)

Amp up your party with Rockit: a sensational party band with a huge catalogue of rock, indie and pop floor-fillers from Chuck Berry and The Beatles to The Killers and Ed Sheeran! Larger line-ups, acoustic background sets and DJ service available. Midweek discounts available.

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Downtown Underground

  • Manchester
  • 6-7
  • (69)

World-class pop, funk and soul function band, refreshing and recreating the classic soul sounds of the 60s, 70s and 80s, alongside soul-infused contemporary pop and R&B. DJ service and jazz/acoustic afternoon music available.

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The Different Lights

  • Liverpool
  • 4
  • (70)

Outstanding party band playing chart, indie, rock anthems and Britpop and featuring guitars, keyboards and vocal harmonies for a big, versatile sound! Laptop DJ service available, as well as acoustic guitar or solo cocktail piano sets for your afternoon reception.

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  • London
  • 4
  • (55)

Superstrut bring style, good vibes and a party-starting collection of R&B, pop, hip hop, classic soul and funk to every gig - their aim is to serve only the music and you, the audience!

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The High Rollers

  • London
  • 3
  • (77)

High-impact party band specialising in classic indie rock hits by The Killers, Blur and The Kinks as well as brand new pop hits by Bruno Mars, DNCE and Pharrell Williams.

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The Capricorns

  • Kent
  • 7-10
  • (58)

Stylish wedding and corporate function band featuring outstanding male and female vocalists who have performed with Adele and Leona Lewis! Available with DJ service and/or afternoon cocktail piano, jazz or acoustic sets.

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The Wandering Lights

  • London
  • 2-4
  • (48)

Charismatic new wedding band, taking the London circuit by storm. The Wandering Lights perform upbeat, folksy acoustic covers by Avicci, Blackstreet and R Kelly. Also available as an unplugged roaming band (free to wander around your venue).

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  • Kent
  • 6
  • (48)

Incredible pop, R&B and soul band performing floor-fillers from Stevie Wonder and Bruno Mars all the way to Artful Dodger, Sean Paul and more. Book their acoustic/jazz sets and DJ service for non-stop music through the day. More videos available on profile page.

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  • Birmingham
  • 4-7
  • (54)

Young and talented party band from the West Midlands, featuring both female and male lead vocals and a host of rock, soul and pop anthems to get all your guests dancing – from Chuck Berry to Beyonce. Larger line-ups and laptop DJ service available.

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Drum n Brass

  • Manchester
  • 5-10
  • (58)

Young and animated brass band with an extensive song list of rock and pop floor-fillers and an incredible frontman/vocalist. This groundbreaking group have performed for royalty and offer the perfect alternative entertainment for your wedding or event!

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Big Easy Brass Band

  • London
  • 4-9
  • (47)

The hottest new brass fusion band in town, Big Easy will bring a raucous, New Orleans party vibe to your event! The band can perform in one place or roaming around your venue and guests whilst they play. Available as an instrumental only band, or with male or female vocalist.

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The Runaways

  • Surrey
  • 4
  • (50)

Youthful, vibrant new party band channelling rock, hip-hop and soul influences. The band have been performing together for six years and have recently started attracting major label interest for their originals side project – catch them now before they're famous!

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  • Liverpool
  • 3
  • (127)

One of our leading wedding bands in the North West, Hudson are a powerful trio playing everything from uptempo 50s rock'n'roll to last week's number 1. DJ service, extra musicians and acoustic sets for your drinks reception or meal also available.

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Blue Juice

  • Brighton
  • 4-5
  • (144)

Fantastic and unique function and wedding band with a soulful male vocalist who put their quirky stamp on melodic rock, pop, soul, ska and funk floor-fillers from Bob Marley to Bruno Mars. Available with DJ service and brass section.

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Cinco Magic

  • London
  • 4
  • (75)

Outrageously talented and dapper new party and wedding band, combining session standard playing with a classic R&B-tinged repertoire of funk, soul, hip-hop and pop ideal for dancing. DJ service and acoustic set available.

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  • Birmingham
  • 3-6
  • (51)

Energetic party band playing crowd-rousing anthems by Huey Lewis, The Killers, Oasis, Amy Winehouse, Pharrell and more! Afternoon solo/duo acoustic sets, longer performances, larger line-ups and laptop DJ service available.

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Dr Funtimes

  • Leeds
  • 6
  • (27)

High energy party band with a big sound that’s perfect for weddings, parties and corporate events. They feature superb male vocals and sax, but also offer stripped-back line ups, afternoon acoustic or jazz sets, stage hire and DJ service.

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The DBs

  • London
  • 5-9
  • (43)

From pop favourites and feel-good funk to afrobeats and updated jazz classics, The DBs are an in-demand brass band like no other that have taken the UK festival scene by storm! Available with vocalist or rapper.

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The Opals

  • Surrey
  • 4
  • (8)

Vibrant and fun young party band playing all the latest hits, with chart toppers by Ariana Grande, Little Mix and Dua Lipa amongst all the classics your guests will love! Acoustic duo also available.

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Groove Capital

  • London
  • 7-9
  • (58)

Incredible new London-based function band, featuring some of the best performers in the capital – bound to get your guests dancing at corporate events and high-end weddings! DJ service, brass section and afternoon acoustic or jazz sets available.

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  • London
  • 4-6
  • (125)

On-trend wedding party band, suitable for all events from classy wedding receptions to high-end corporate events. The band cover rock and pop music from Elvis and the Beatles through to The Killers and Sam Smith. DJ service, brass section and acoustic sets available.

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The Paramounts

  • London
  • 4
  • (17)

Exciting new wedding band captivating the London events scene! Fronted by an incredible male vocalist, The Paramounts play a huge range of rock & pop hits by artists ranging from Prince and Elvis to Coldplay and George Ezra.

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Wedding band booking guide

What kind of music do your wedding bands play?

Typically, our wedding bands perform a broad range of up-tempo, mainstream rock, pop, soul and chart music.

Songs covered usually span from the 1950s to the present day.

You’ll hear music designed to keep everyone on the dancefloor and appeal to all ages.

Our bands cover artists from The Beatles, Elvis, Queen, Prince and Oasis to Bruno Mars, The Weeknd and Dua Lipa.

If you're finding the choice of bands too overwhelming, here are our top 10 most requested wedding bands at the moment. It's also worth browsing our roster of party bands.

How much do wedding bands cost, on average?

The average price paid for a wedding band in 2020 was around £1200.

Wedding bands range from around £650 for a band with 3 members, to upwards of £3000 for larger line-ups up to 10 members.

These typically feature feature a brass section as well as multiple lead and backing vocalists.

Bear in mind that the lowest prices advertised on this page typically reflect the price for a local event, with no travel costs.

They also reflect the price for an event held during a weekday and in an off-season month.

If you're looking for an act with less than 3 members, check out our duos.

We’ve found a wedding band we love! How do we book?

Great! If you would like to book a wedding band and you've already received a quote from us, simply email or call us on 0333 242 0560.

We'll draw up a secure booking contract between you and the act immediately.

You’ll need to pay a deposit by credit or debit card to secure the band, with the rest payable nearer, or on, the event date.

Do your bands bring all their own equipment?

All our bands for weddings are fully self-contained. This means they'll bring their own PA sound system, microphones, backline amplifiers and instruments. This is suitable for most events up to around 250 guests.

If you're expecting more than 250 guests, let us know, so we can check whether the band’s system is large enough.

Most bands will also bring lighting for both the stage and dancefloor.

Check out the band's profile page for more details, as well as other optional add-ons to enhance the show!

Can your wedding bands learn a special song for our first dance?

Check out the band's song list on their profile, to see if they already know the song.

If not, most bands will be happy to learn and perform your first dance request – just ask us. We'll need to check that the song can be arranged for their line-up.

If the band can’t perform it live, they could just play it through their PA system instead. They could either use their own device to play the track, or plug yours into their system instead.

Check out our most popular first dance song ideas.

How can we keep the music going in the intervals between the band’s sets?

All our wedding bands provide mp3 music during the interval.

Many are able to upgrade to a more advanced service using virtual DJ software so that they can mix songs and take your guests’ requests.

Can you also provide wedding musicians for our ceremony or drinks reception?

Wedding music isn’t just about the final party. If you're looking for background music to accompany your drinks reception or wedding meal, try our jazz bands, acoustic musicians or singers. Our steel pan bands are popular for outdoor receptions.

We can also provide wedding ceremony musicians such as harpists or string quartets for your bridal entrance, exit or the signing of the register.

How long will the band play for on the night?

Standard wedding band performances are two hours and usually split over 2 x 1-hour or 3 x 40-minute sets with short intervals.

But the band can play for less time, or longer (for an additional cost) if it suits your event better.

How much space will the band need at the venue?

As a guide, it’s best to allow for 3m wide x 3m deep for a 3-piece band. Add an additional square metre for each extra band member.

A raised stage always helps a band make a bigger impact but isn’t essential. The performance space mainly just needs to be flat and dry!

If you’re unsure, check the "performance information" section on the band’s profile page.

Before you speak to your venue, you might like to check out our handy venue checklist. This contains all the questions worth asking your venue before you book a band, from sound limiters to curfews.

When can we expect our wedding band to arrive?

Most bands need 60-90 minutes to unload their equipment, get set up and soundcheck. This estimation assumes that the band has easy access to the performance space from their vehicles.

So, depending on your schedule, you can expect bands performing in the evening to arrive at around 5pm or 6pm.

As a general rule, acts playing in the afternoon are likely to arrive 45-90 minutes before the start of their performance.

Classical acts, steel pan bands and other acts that don't use sound equipment usually take around 20 minutes to set up and soundcheck.

Feel free to ask us about any specific timing requirements you may have. For example, you may need the band to avoid sound-checking during dinner or speeches.

We're after an alternative wedding band – what can you offer?

Yes! We love it when people get creative with their wedding themes and music.

As an alternative to the classic function band format, check out our brass and drums bands. They're extremely popular at the moment

It's also worth browsing our wedding soul bands, ceilidh bands and latin & world music bands. For even more offbeat wedding music ideas, see our alternative wedding bands section.

Our venue has a sound limiter – is this easy to manage?

Most bands can perform within the limits of a sound limiter set to 95dB or higher. If your venue's limiter is set to a lower threshold than this, let us know so we can advise.

If possible, sound limiters can be used to set levels in soundcheck but then turned off for the performance.

Most limiters cut off the power to the band when the music or the crowd’s applause exceeds a certain volume. This can damage band equipment.

Is there anything we need to provide for the band?

Our bands are fully self-contained with their own equipment. Just make sure that they have access to a power supply on the day.

A minimum of two separate domestic plug sockets should be fine for the majority of 3-piece or 4-piece bands.

Ideally, the sockets should be either side of the performance area, but most acts will carry extension cables.

Please also make sure your band has the food and refreshments that they need on the night. Bands performing in the evening will require a hot meal to keep their energy up!

Depending on the venue, some bands will also need reserved parking or a secure changing room. Check the band's profile for more details.

How can we save money on our wedding band?

  • If you're after background music during the afternoon, as well as the evening, check whether your wedding band can provide this as well. It'll save you additional costs, such as travel. Read more about getting the most from your band.
  • If you haven't yet set your wedding date, consider booking a midweek or winter wedding to take advantage of the most competitive rates.
  • Always consider hiring a band from your local area, to save on travel and accommodation costs. We have wedding music bands based in most major towns and cities across the UK.

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