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How To Get More From Your Wedding Band

Wedding entertainment advice

Wedding entertainment advice

From learning your first dance to providing a DJ service, there's often more to a wedding band than meets the ear. Here's how you can get the most out of your band.

How To Get More From Your Wedding Band

Live music is the ultimate way to make your wedding memorable, but there’s no need to limit yourself to a band’s standard offering. Many wedding bands can work with your tastes, venue and budget to meet your specific requirements, so it’s important to ask your live music agent what extras are available.

Make the most of the musicians

There are lots of points throughout the day where live music will create a perfect atmosphere, so why not see if some of the musicians will also play earlier in the day? For a small fee, a guitarist, pianist or singer, could provide ceremony music in the church or acoustic sets for your drinks reception, so you don’t have to fork out for several acts during the day – or rely on a relative to man an iPod.

Ask your live music agent about daytime add-ons, which will create a memorable atmosphere during the quieter parts of the day. Musicians in covers bands have wide repertoires, so even if you’ve booked a rock covers band, don’t think they won’t also know some jazz and soul classics to serenade your guests.


Extend your band’s repertoire with extra musicians

Most of Function Central’s rock & pop function bands can add an extra musician or singer without denting your drinks budget, so make sure you ask about availability.

Booking both male and female vocalists will not only give the band access to a wider repertoire, it will vary the sound and keep all your guests engaged – not to mention opening up the possibility for some classic duets.

While most four-piece bands can play the big hits, some styles work best with additional musicians. If you want lots of 80s music, an additional keyboard player will help create an authentic sound. Some bands also offer a backing track option with keys and synths so ask about this if a keyboardist isn’t available.

Ask the band to learn your first dance or special song

Most wedding bands can play your special song for no extra charge, but it’s important to give lots of notice so they can let you know if it requires rehearsal time. Most won’t, but if you’re asking for something rare or complicated, or you’re into prog or avant-garde jazz, the band might need to add a fee to cover their rehearsals.

Make sure you tell us as soon as possible if you have a special request, as bands get very busy during peak season and they need to make sure they’ve got time to learn your song requests.


Need microphones for speeches?

Bands should be happy to let you use a mic for speeches and announcements. Of course, a microphone’s no good if the PA system isn’t set up yet, so if you’re going to ask to use a microphone, make sure it’s when the band are already on site. If you need to use the PA earlier, ask about an early arrival time.

Music all night

Avoid those awkward gaps and book music all night. All our bands play interval music between sets, and many also offer their own DJ services. They might not offer the full mixing and mash-up experience, but for a bit extra you can get all the great party tunes to take you through to the end of the night – for a fraction of the cost of a separate DJ.


Bigger sights and sounds for bigger venues

If you’re hosting a large corporate event or a wedding with lots of guests, take advantage of your venue’s size. More space gives you more options – but also means you have more space to fill!

If you're into soul and funk bands, consider that most of the classic Stax and Motown songs you enjoy feature brass sections – and many of our bands can offer one too. Adding a brass section will add volume, extra danceability and wow-factor, to make your wedding or party entertainment both sophisticated and fun.

Another way to add a visual element to a big stage is to ask your band about hiring dancers. Just a couple of dancers on stage for a few songs at a time looks fantastic and will get more people on the dance-floor.

Add extra performance time and party on!

Our wedding bands and party bands want you and your guests to enjoy themselves, so we don’t want to end a party too soon! Bear in mind that people having a good time will want more, and might feel let down if they don’t get it. It’s unlikely that party bands will add extra time on the night, so you’ll need to decide whether you want to book it in advance.

The standard performance is two 60-minute sets, but performers are often happy to extend their set by half an hour or even sometimes a full hour for an extra fee – as long as you give them plenty of notice. If you need something more affordable, then a DJ set after the band has finished is still a great option.

How To Get More From Your Wedding Band

Budget options

If you really want live music at your event, but your budget just won’t stretch to a standard four-piece party band, there’s always a way. Smaller acts can still create a perfect atmosphere. Some talented three-pieces do the job of a four-piece, with the bassist or guitarist providing vocals, or you might go for a more folk feel with a percussionist and acoustic instruments. They can still offer an extensive repertoire, particularly if classic rock and pop hits are your thing.

If your budget is only big enough for one or two performers, a solo singer or duo with backing tracks can be just what you need to get the songs you want while still having a performer to interact with the crowd and get everyone on their feet.

If you’ve fallen in love with a singer’s voice but are on a tight budget, it’s always worth asking if they’ll consider performing with backing tracks instead of their band. This kind of set up can work beautifully for small events and intimate weddings.

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