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Singing waiters for hire

Hire a West End performer to wake up your wedding breakfast! Our singing waiters perform classical, musical theatre, opera and pop music.


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Singers in Disguise

  • Warwickshire
  • 2-4
  • (5)

Award-winning singing waiters who have performed for Coca Cola and Chelsea FC. Singers in Disguise will have your guests on their feet within minutes, starting your party with their boundless energy and enthusiasm.

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Secret Superstars

  • London
  • 1-4
  • (2)

Surprise entertainers and singing waiters from London available for your wedding or event! Choose from undercover chefs, waiters, photographers, wedding planners and policemen to surprise your guests!

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Under Wraps

  • Somerset
  • 3
  • (3)

Multi award-winning singing waiters who specialise in performing classic songs to surprise audiences all over the country! Choose from swing, opera and musical theatre tunes to wow your guests.

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West End Waitresses

  • Hertfordshire
  • 2-4
  • (2)

West End Waitresses provide unforgettable entertainment for your guests during their meal. Dance through your dinner to classical, opera and pop music sung by professional theatre singers.

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On The QT

  • Hertfordshire
  • 2-4
  • (5)

Professional singing waiters and waitresses who have performed for the likes of John Lewis, Ikea, Bentley, Vodaphone and the Prime Minister!

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The Secret Service Singers

  • Manchester
  • 2
  • (3)

Outstanding singing waiters duo who have performed for Manchester United! Book the ultimate dinner entertainment with these undercover performers.

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Singing Staff

  • Birmingham
  • 2-3
  • (1)

Brilliant singing waiters and waitresses who will surprise and delight your guests with their "spontaneous" performances of swing, musical theatre and opera classics! Choose from 2 or 3 singers depending on the size of your event.

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Surprise Surprise!

  • Somerset
  • 2-4
  • (5)

Professional singers in disguise as waiters at your venue to give your guests the ultimate surprise - an impromptu singalong over dinner! Enjoy a themed performance including pop, opera or swing classics.

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Covert Chorus

  • Hertfordshire
  • 3-6
  • (1)

Incredible singing waiters specialising in musical theatre, opera and classic pop. West End performers to wake up your wedding breakfast!

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Silver Service Surprise

  • London
  • 2-25
  • (6)

Hilarious theatrical performers to entertain your guests during dinner. Book Silver Service Surprise for an hour or non-stop laughter and an extremely memorable evening!

The easy way to hire a singing waiter

  • The UK’s very best pop, jazz and classical singing waiter for hire
  • Ideal for weddings, parties or corporate events
  • Fast customer service and an easy booking process
  • Comprehensive contracts for your peace of mind
  • Round-the-clock support and emergency cover
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Singing waiters - FAQs

What are singing waiters?

Singing waiters are professional entertainers who blend in with the service staff at an event, initially appearing to be regular waiters serving guests.

At a predetermined moment, they will surprise your guests by breaking into song, transforming into a dynamic and interactive musical performance!

What sort of music do your singing waiters perform?

Our singing waiters can perform a wide range of music genres, tailored to the preferences of the event host or theme of the occasion. Their repertoire often includes popular classics, opera, musical theatre hits, jazz standards, and contemporary pop songs.

The versatility of our singing waiters allows them to cater to a diverse audience, ensuring that there's something for everyone to enjoy.

How long does a singing waiters performance last?

A typical singing waiters performance lasts for about 30 minutes. However, the duration can be customised to fit the specific needs and schedule of your event.

The performance length and structure are flexible, designed to maximise impact and entertainment value without disrupting the flow of the event.

Can the singing waiters perform a song of my choice?

Yes, most singing waiters groups are happy to accommodate special requests, including performing a specific song of your choice.

It's advisable to discuss song choices and special requests well in advance of the event to give the performers adequate time to prepare and ensure they can deliver a performance that meets your expectations.

Are the singing waiters actually able to serve guests?

While singing waiters blend in with the service staff and can perform basic serving tasks to maintain their cover before the performance, they are primarily entertainers and not professional waiters.

Their main focus is on delivering an unforgettable musical experience, so their involvement in actual serving is usually minimal and symbolic.

How much space do singing waiters need to perform?

Singing waiters are highly adaptable and can perform in a variety of spaces, from intimate dining rooms to large banquet halls.

They do not typically require a stage, as the surprise element of their performance relies on them mingling with guests as if they are part of the regular waiting staff. However, space for them to move freely among guests is essential for the most engaging performance.

Do singing waiters use microphones or other sound equipment?

Depending on the size of the venue and the number of guests, singing waiters may use portable microphones and a sound system to ensure their performance is clearly heard by all attendees.

The need for sound equipment varies and can be discussed during the booking process to ensure the performance is tailored to the event setting.

Can singing waiters perform at outdoor events?

Yes, singing waiters can perform at both indoor and outdoor events. For outdoor performances, it's important to consider the weather conditions and have a contingency plan in place, such as a marquee or indoor alternative, to protect the performers and sound equipment.

Additionally, the acoustics and layout of the outdoor space should be considered to ensure an optimal performance.

How far in advance should I book singing waiters?

It's advisable to book singing waiters as far in advance as possible, especially if your event falls during peak season or on a weekend, as these times can get booked up quickly.

A lead time of several months is recommended to secure your preferred date and allow sufficient time for planning and any special requests.

What happens if the singing waiters are unable to perform on my event date due to unforeseen circumstances?

In the unlikely event that the singing waiters are unable to perform on your scheduled event date due to unforeseen circumstances, Function Central will typically offer to find a suitable replacement act of equal quality and style.

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