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Ceilidh bands for hire

Hire a ceilidh band or barn dance band to perform English, Irish and Scottish dancing music for all ages, with or without caller. We also have Americana, bluegrass and country bands.


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Merrily Kiss

  • London
  • 3-6
  • (19)

Lively ceilidh band specialising in Irish and Scottish songs, dances and tunes and featuring both male and female vocals. With the option of an experienced caller as well as additional musicians, they will ensure you are dancing all night!

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The Melrose Ceilidh Band

  • Berwickshire
  • 3
  • (14)

Animated and up-tempo Scottish ceilidh band with an energetic and contemporary approach – ideal for dancing at weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties or community parties. Caller included. DJ service available.

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The Moonshiners

  • Cambridge
  • 3
  • (15)

Energetic ceilidh, folk and barn dance band, playing everything from Irish, English and Scottish classics through to old-time American and classical piano. The band also come with the option of adding a caller to your booking. Only available within 100 miles of Cambridge.

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Gordon Douglas

  • London
  • 1
  • (9)

Vibrant bagpiper who infuses Scottish charm into weddings, funerals, and even the national kebab awards; a lively TV personality who's performed at Buckingham Palace and frequently busks with flair in front of Big Ben.

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Beer and Blarney Irish Band

  • Durham
  • 3-4
  • (5)

Beer & Blarney Irish Band are a lively Irish band, infusing classic Irish tunes by The Pogues, The Dubliners, and The Saw Doctors with their unique style.

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The Premier Ceilidh Band

  • Ayrshire
  • 1-4
  • (13)

Popular Scottish Ceilidh band featuring a charismatic caller and a former Scottish National Fiddle Champion! This internationally acclaimed group have performed all over the UK and Europe. Solo fiddle, accordion & fiddle duo, fiddle & guitar duo, string trio or quartet also available!

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Spancil Hill Ceilidh Band

  • Shropshire
  • 4-9
  • (5)

Performing most of the familiar Irish songs, plus a little Country, Americana and Folk, Spancil Hill Ceilidh Band are most renowned for their lively jigs and reels.

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TV Cowboys

  • London
  • 2-6
  • (10)

TV Cowboys are a father and son led group with a lifetime's experience on the road, recording and touring with artists such as Johnny Cash, Taylor Swift, Dwight Yoakam, Glen Campbell, Lonnie Donegan and more.

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Good Bad and The Ugly Country Band

  • Durham
  • 4-7

Good, Bad, and The Ugly Country Band are a sensational showcase of timeless country melodies that will have you clapping, tapping, and boot-scootin' your heart out.

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Southern Stars Country Band

  • Liverpool
  • 4-6
  • (12)

Energetic and lively country band performing the biggest country hits by Dolly Parton and Garth Brooks to Shania Twain and Faith Hill. They'll have everyone hitting the dance floor and line dancing the night away!

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Wildwood Folk

  • Devon
  • 4
  • (27)

Upbeat and rousing new folk-infused acoustic pop band with joint male and female vocals – ideal for vintage and festival fans alike! The band have won plaudits from modern folk hero Seth Lakeman, as well as featured on the BBC.

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Rocky Road Bluegrass Band

  • Bristol
  • 3-5
  • (12)

Rocky Road Bluegrass Band play high-energy, foot-stomping Bluegrass featuring a fantastic line-up of renowned musicians from some of the UK’s best folk, Americana and festival bands.

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The Quayside Ramblers

  • Newcastle
  • 3
  • (15)

A raucous trio of virtuosic performers, steeped in celtic tradition and ready to fly into any number of jigs, reels or your favourite folk classics at the drop of a hat.

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The Gleneagles Ceilidh Band

  • Stirlingshire
  • 3-4
  • (12)

Nationally cherished Scottish ceilidh band who have featured on BBC's Monarch of the Glen and STV's Heartless! Additional ceilidh horn section, caller and DJ services are all available.

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The Highways Country Band

  • Cheshire
  • 4
  • (15)

An energising and contemporary take on an increasingly poplar genre: country music! Expect country classics by Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and Shania Twain alongside American rock anthems.

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Duelling Banjos

  • Bath
  • 2
  • (13)

Duelling Banjos are a duo act playing a large mix of country and bluegrass. If you're looking for a more relaxed vibe and something a little different, these are the guys for you!

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Heron Ceilidh Band

  • Norwich
  • 3-5
  • (11)

Ceilidh band playing Scottish and Irish Ceilidh dances and barn dances for all the family! The band comes with a caller to make sure your guests can get involved with the dancing!

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The London Bluegrass Band

  • London
  • 3-4
  • (15)

Americana Bluegrass trio with stunning three and four part vocal harmonies! Also available as a 4 and 5-piece (banjo and fiddle).

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  • Bristol
  • 2
  • (14)

Lively charismatic fiddle and guitar duo playing everything from Irish traditional music to pop songs and rock music!

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Jumping Joan Ceilidh Band

  • Lancashire
  • 6
  • (14)

Experienced Ceilidh band with caller playing traditional English, Scottish and Irish music for dancing.

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Booking a ceilidh band for your wedding or party?

What sort of events do your ceilidh bands perform at?

Our ceilidh bands perform at a wide variety of events, including weddings, parties and family gatherings.

Ceilidh dancing is a great way of bringing people together and appeals to all age groups, so our ceilidh bands typically perform at cross-generational events.

We also book bands for dedicated ceilidh nights – traditional social dances originating in Scotland, and often held in community halls, barns, or other venues.

What sort of music do your ceilidh bands play?

Our Scottish ceilidh bands play uptempo jigs and reels such as the Gay Gordons, Strip The Willow and The Eightsome Reel.

Our traditional English and Irish folk bands perform shanties, ballads and traditional songs such as Fields Of Anthenry and Whiskey In The Jar as well as more recent songs by The Pogues and The Dubliners.

Why should I book a ceilidh band for my wedding?

There are many reasons why we'd recommend booking a wedding ceilidh band:

  • It's fun! Ceilidh bands are known for providing fast-paced, lively music that gets people up, dancing and energised. Your guests will be talking about it for years to come!

  • It's inclusive. Ceilidh music isn't usually identified with any specific age group – it's historically a social activity that brings people together, regardless of age or background – so it's ideal for weddings.

  • It helps break the ice. Ceilidh is a tactile and physical activity, with guests literally flinging each other around, so it'll break the ice in no time. Let them loose on each other and have fun!

  • Traditional touch. If you have Scottish or Irish roots, a ceilidh band is a great way to incorporate these cultural elements into your wedding and add a personal touch to your big day.

  • Versatility: many ceilidh musicians can perform other genres of music, so may be able to provide acoustic sets for your cocktail hour or ceremony, or party sets late at night.

  • Supports live music: Booking a ceilidh band for your wedding supports local musicians and helps to keep traditional folk music alive. You can feel good knowing that you're providing a platform for talented musicians to share their music and entertain your guests.

Do my guests need prior experience with ceilidh dancing?

No. The beauty of a ceilidh is that beginners are expected, and they're always welcome. As long as a handful of guests have experience with ceilidh dancing, it's easy to imitate others, join in and have fun!

If you'll have a lot of beginners present, many bands can offer you a "caller" with your booking. A caller is basically an instructor who will explain and guide you through the steps before each dance begins, and often during each dance.

Check the act's profile on our website to see if you can add a caller to your booking.

If you're still nervous and would like to feel more confident on the dancefloor, it's worth looking up a few basic steps first on YouTube.

What musicians does a ceilidh band typically include?

Ceilidh bands range in size from 3-piece to 10-piece bands.

A starting 3-piece line-up might consist of a fiddle, acoustic guitar and bodhran.

Larger line-ups might offer the option of adding a caller, as well as instruments like whistle, banjo, mandolin, accordion, flute piano, drums and bass.

For the liveliest accompaniment possible for dancing, we'd always recommend as large a line-up as you can afford.

What's the difference between a barn dance and a ceilidh?

Barn dances typically involve American-style folk dancing – think square dances, hoedowns and line dances!

The dances are often simpler than ceilidh dances, with less emphasis on footwork. This can make them a good choice for events where there are a lot of beginners or people who are new to traditional folk dancing.

Ceilidh dances on the other hand can be more complex and challenging, which can make them more exciting and satisfying to dance to, for those with experience.

Ultimately you should choose type of event that suits your interests and preferences. Both barn dance bands and ceilidh bands can be a lot of fun and offer a unique opportunity to experience traditional folk dancing.

Help! I can't decide whether to book a function band or a ceilidh band for my wedding.

Don't worry, you may not have to choose! Some wedding ceilidh bands can offer rock, pop and soul party sets after their sets of ceilidh music. That means you get all the fun of the ceilidh dancing, whilst not missing out on your favourite pop anthems.

Check out the band's song list on their profile page, to see whether they offer a repertoire of popular music.

Even if they don't offer sets of popular music, they may be able to offer a DJ service – just ask.

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