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Klezmer Kapelye


This is the act's lowest available price for a local performance by their smallest line-up. It does not include any travel costs.

Please note that many acts charge higher rates for events taking place on Fridays and Saturdays in summer.

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Meet Klezmer Kapelye, the quintet of Klezmer cool cats from London, bustling with the beats of a new era of Jewish roots music.

With a splash of merry wedding tunes and a dash of melancholy lullabies, they whip up a hearty brew of soul-stirring melodies that are sure to get your feet tapping.

With finesse, they navigate through the rich tapestry of centuries-old melodies, reinvigorating them with foot-tapping rhythms and evoking the echoes of eras long past.

Most wonderful evening ever. Klezmer Kapelye led dances gently suitable for all ages. The music was superb. All ages from 4 to 84 had a really good time. Eve Samson, Party, South London Synagogue

Not just a fleeting note on the London Klezmer chart, they're a sturdy beat that keeps the city's music heart thumping. They're no strangers to the festivity frenzy, dazzling audiences at festivals and venues all across Europe and the UK on the regular.

Klezmer Kapelye has firmly established themselves as a cornerstone of the London Klezmer scene, gracing stages at festivals and venues across Europe and the United Kingdom.

The band's musical journey extends to Jewish weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, lively dances, and a variety of other joyous occasions and gatherings.

Performance info

Starting line-up Accordion; violin; clarinet
Performance duration 2 x 45 minute sets
Interval music Included

Booking options

Add female vocalist
From £310
For lead vocals and a varied repertoire
Add double bass
From £310
For a fuller sound

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