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MisLED Brass


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Utilising ground-breaking LED light show technology, MisLED Brass is fast becoming one of the UK’s best visually immersive groups.

They sound amazing, they LOOK amazing - the perfect performance! Jeremy, Festival Booking, London

Rocking stages all over the UK, MisLED Brass is no stranger to the spotlight! These guys have lit up festivals like Glastonbury and scored multiple TV appearances, not to mention teaming up with big-name brands for some seriously cool collaborations. They’re making waves wherever they go!

MisLED Brass isn't just your typical band—they're masters of covers and mashups, rocking everything from drum’n’bass to 80s jams. Picture this: fully coordinated light shows and tightly rehearsed moves that'll make your jaw drop. With trumpets, trombones, a sousaphone, and a horde of drums, these guys bring maximum energy from start to finish! It's not just a performance; it's an experience!

Performance info

Starting line-up 5 x brass; 6 x drums
Performance duration 1 x 45 minutes or 2 x 30 minute sets

Booking options

Add musicians
From £245 + VAT
For an even fuller sound, add up to 3 more drummers
Song request
From £310
Have the band arrange and perform a special song for your event

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