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The Gentlemen Strollers


This is the act's lowest available price for a local performance by their smallest line-up. It does not include any travel costs.

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Introducing the The Gentlemen Strollers, your passport to an unforgettable musical journey through time, all wrapped up in a delightful, unplugged package. These three musical maestros are all about good vibes and great times, no pesky cables or power leads trailing behind.

Picture this: sumptuous three-part harmonies that make your ears do a little happy dance, expert saxophone serenades, and acoustic guitars that will have your guests strumming along in no time. They've got a bag full of hits from the swinging 50s right through to today's chart-toppers, and they're all set to whisk your partygoers away on a whirlwind, interactive musical adventure.

The Gentlemen Strollers played at our wedding at The Ivy and they were truly magnificent. From the first note to the last they were just fabulous. Wedding, The Ivy

Forget about the need for a fancy stage, towering PA systems, or blinding lighting rigs – these musical wanderers don't need 'em. Their unplugged magic lets them soar above sound limiters.

The band's stage-free, cable-less performance is a carefree invitation to dance, sing, and party without worrying about sound limiters or technical setups.

At a Gentlemen Strollers gig, you're not just free to roam; you're free to dance like nobody's watching, sing your heart out, and party 'til the stars go to bed. Don't miss out on the party – make sure your soundtrack is provided by the fabulous Gentlemen Strollers.

Performance info

Starting line-up Lead male vocals/guitar; backing vocals/guitar; saxophone
Performance duration 3 x 45 minute sets

Booking options

Add musician
From £735 per musician
Add double bass & drums for a fuller sound
Add male vocals
From £735
For vocal harmonies and a bigger sound

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