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The Soft Steppers


This is the act's lowest available price for a local performance by their smallest line-up. It does not include any travel costs.

Please note that many acts charge higher rates for events taking place on Fridays and Saturdays in summer.

Occasionally, a rate lower than the listed price may be obtainable on selected dates. This will be advertised in the act's "about" section.

To check availability, please add your event date to the menu above.

The Soft Steppers are an acoustic duo that play contemporary songs with a flamenco, swing style, breathing a new life into songs you already love!

Powerful, vintage jazz vocals and swing, flamenco-influenced guitar wrap together to create an energetic uniqueness.

Mesmerising melodies and harmonies that fill your soul! Ellie, Venue Manager, Corredera 55

The Soft Steppers have been playing together for three years and between them, in various different musical projects, have played at a variety of festivals, venues and events between Europe and the UK; including Wilderness festival, Glastonbury and Paddle Round the Pier.

Whether you're looking to turn a quiet pub into a raucous dance floor or to be serenaded down the aisle, The Soft Steppers have what it takes!

Note: The Soft Steppers may be able to offer discounts from the advertised "from" price, for weekday bookings and shorter (60 minute) sets.

Performance info

Line-up Female vocals; male vocals/guitar
Performance duration 2 x 45 minutes or 3 x 30 minutes

Booking options

Add musicians
From £225
For a fuller sound, include cajon, saxophone, trumpet and/or double bass
Extra performance time
Add £100 per extra half hour performance
Extend the music for up to 3 hours in total
Less performance time
Deduct POA
60 minute set only

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