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The Speakeasy Queens


This is the act's lowest available price for a local performance by their smallest line-up. It does not include any travel costs.

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The Speakeasy Queens, a trio of vocalists inspired by the 1920s, bring a one-of-a-kind twist by blending the bold and brassy Roaring Twenties sound with both contemporary and timeless hits. Their enchanting performances consistently leave audiences entranced and yearning for an encore.

Over the past decade, The Speakeasy Queens have delighted audiences worldwide, transporting them to the magic of the 1920s era and creating an enchanting atmosphere reminiscent of speakeasies and jazz clubs. They are also the official backing singers for The Fratellis, a Brit award-winning band.

The Speakeasy Queens are an absolutely incredible band, with the most original and fun song arrangements. David Turner, Private Party

The trio's talent has earned them collaborations with prominent artists like the Kaiser Chiefs and appearances on BBC One's talent show "All Together Now." Their versatility and passion for vintage music have propelled them into the spotlight. But their musical journey doesn't end there. The Speakeasy Queens have shared the stage with legendary artists like Gary Barlow and the esteemed musicians from the Bryan Ferry Orchestra. These collaborations further cement their status as an exceptional trio with a resounding impact on the contemporary music scene.

With their charm, charisma, and undeniable talent, The Speakeasy Queens have garnered a dedicated following of music enthusiasts. Their ability to blend the old with the new ensures they continue to captivate audiences and create unforgettable musical experiences.

Performance info

Starting line-up 3 female vocalists with backing tracks
Performance duration 2 x 45 minute sets
Interval music Included

Booking options

Add live band (piano, sousaphone, drums, trumpet, banjo, sax)
From £405 per musician
For the full live band experience
Acoustic background music
From £3,910
2 x 45 minute acoustic sets of vocals and piano or guitar

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