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Vive la France!


This is the act's lowest available price for a local performance by their smallest line-up. It does not include any travel costs.

Please note that many acts charge higher rates for events taking place on Fridays and Saturdays in summer.

Occasionally, a rate lower than the listed price may be obtainable on selected dates. This will be advertised in the act's "about" section.

To check availability, please add your event date to the menu above.

Vive la France's huge repertoire includes Classic French film music, Impressionist musuc , Satie , Offenbach , “Musette" (Parisian folk), "Chansons Realistes" (made famous by Edith Piaf), Chansons Francaises originally sung by Gainsbourg, Jeanne Morreau, Henry Salvador and more, 60s French pop and post prohibition jazz from the 20s, 30s and 50s.

The band come as a duo or trio and are available either with amplification, or acoustically, for strolling around tables or around an outdoor space . They can also expand to a quartet (their most popular line-up, which adds double bass) or shrink to a soloist (accordion) or duo (accordion + clarinet/ tenor sax ) for smaller events.

The band have traditional French costumes to suit all occasions.

As well as entertaining at parties and events all over Europe “ Vive la France“ has played over 400 times at the Brasserie Zédel in London as well as tour the country playing in town and village halls as well as festivals and arts centres . When not playing as “Vive last France “ some of the musicians tour the world with the “Pasadena roof orchestra” , the “Ray Gelato Giants“.

Closer to home they have played at most major hotels, restaurants and music venues in the UK including The Dorchester, The Grosvenor, The Ivy, The Royal Albert hall, Ronnie Scott's, The Royal Opera House, Wilton Music Hall, the Queen Elizabeth Hall and the National Theatre and the Orient Express . They still perform in France for various events.

Performance info

Line-up Vocals; accordion and clarinet; tenor saxophone
Performance duration 3 x 30 minute sets within a 2 and a half hour period

Booking options

Add double bass
Add £240
Add clarinet / tenor sax
Add £240

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