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Alex Bailey


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Alex is an award-winning magician, holding the prestigious position as one of the top close-up entertainers in the UK.

With his extraordinary talent, he has carved a niche for himself in the world of magic and entertainment, turning ordinary moments into unforgettable experiences.

Known for his modern and interactive magic, Alex combines style and charm effortlessly in each performance, captivating the attention of his audience from start to finish. His enchanting shows have always been well received, making him a popular choice for various events. He has the ability to create an electric atmosphere that resonates with guests of all ages.

Honestly, worth every penny for a unique and mind blowing edge to any event! Vivienne, private party

Over the years, Alex has impressed an array of notable personalities and major corporate clients. His magical prowess has beguiled celebrities such as Noel Gallagher and renowned chef Jamie Oliver.

High-profile companies, including the multinational bank HSBC and the iconic retail company Marks & Spencer's, have also experienced and applauded his unique performances.

Now, you have the opportunity to hire Alex Bailey for your event. Whether it's a private party, corporate event, or a large-scale celebration, Alex is ready to weave his magic and ensure that your guests enjoy an extraordinary experience.

By choosing Alex, you're not just hiring a magician – you're bringing in the best to create memorable moments that your guests will talk about for years to come!

Performance info

Starting line-up Solo magician
Performance duration 2 hours

Booking options

Extra performances
From £125 for an extra hour
Keep the magic going for longer!

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