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Art Boy


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Art Boy is a caricature artist with a difference: his drawings make the subject look good!

A caricature can bring a smile to the face of anyone, young or old. As presents they are personal and unique, as live wedding entertainment they are great fun and each drawing makes a great 'ice-breaker' as well as a lasting memento. The great thing about caricatures is that they can be used just about anywhere - at christenings, dinner parties, conferences, even job interviews!

We should have booked him for longer as everyone was eager for their caricature to be done. I don’t think I could thank him enough, he was GREAT! Sue, Wedding

He started life as a fine artist so the drawings have a remarkable likeness to the person being drawn. With nearly thirty years in the business, he's drawn everyone from the bridesmaids at weddings to world-famous celebrities at The Royal Variety Show.

Each drawing takes just five minutes and most performances are between two and three hours long.

Performance info

Starting line-up Soloist
Performance duration 2 hours

Booking options

Extra performances
From £85
Extend the act's performances by one hour

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