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Classic Statues


This is the act's lowest available price for a local performance by their smallest line-up. It does not include any travel costs.

Please note that many acts charge higher rates for events taking place on Fridays and Saturdays in summer.

Occasionally, a rate lower than the listed price may be obtainable on selected dates. This will be advertised in the act's "about" section.

To check availability, please add your event date to the menu above.

Our Classic Statues are part of the UK's leading mime ensemble that specialise in providing mime and physical comedy characters as well as interactive human statues and theatrical comedy stilt-walkers.

With 15 years of working with the BBC's Jools Hollands Hootenanny, Warner Bros, music festivals, arts festivals, 5 star hotels and major sporting events, these performers really are the best in their business!

With our Classic Statues, you can choose from a range of outfits and performers...

The Elementals - Gold Stilt Statues
The Elementals are our giant gold stilt statues - benign, golden giant beings that roam the earth. They are a big act that move in a silky harmony with each other and can change the shape of large spaces (such as their performance at the Natural History Museum), but can also be used to welcome at an event. 3 statues available.

Classical Statues - Stone, Sand, Silver or Gold

Our Classic Statues are perfect for creating a buzz. Still and bristling with poise, they capture the eye and are so real that they could be human - and, over time, that's what they reveal themselves to be. 3 gold, 2 silver, 2 sand and 4 stone statues available.

Suited Living Statues
Suited statues, easy to theme with bowler hats, are perfect for livening the atmosphere of your event. We specialise in interactive statues, allowing comedy and moments to be created with the audience. 2 grey, 1 gold and 1 silver available.

Greek God Statues.
Commissioned for the wrap party of WonderWoman, we utilise our muscle suits to bulk out to godlike proportions. Zeus, Aries and Aphrodite all available.

Oscar Statues
Commissioned by Hollywood movie publicists to create a stir and media attention, these Golden Oscar Statues really add a wow to events and award ceremonies. 2 available.

Performance info

Starting line-up Mix & mingle entertainers
Performance duration 90 minutes

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