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The Tablet Magician


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The Tablet Magician has has been performing for almost 20 years as one of the very top close up magicians in the UK and specialises in performing tech magic with iPads and iPhones.

He’s performed in over 20 countries around the world and even been flown to Hollywood to work week long residencies at the famous Magic Castle.

Mind-blowing magic! We loved it! Jamie, Private Event, London

The Tablet Magician is known in magic as a creator and has won The Magic Circle originality award more than anybody else (3 times) and advised for TV magicians like Dynamo and Ben Hart.

He’s entertained celebrities like Jonathan Ross, Orlando Bloom, Alan Sugar, Gary Lineker and Tamara Ecclestone and on the TV show 'Fool Us', Penn & Teller said “Much of the magic done in the next 10 years will be done by people like this and using methods like this. What you are seeing here is the future of magic.”

Performance info

Starting line-up Magician
Performance duration 2 hours

Booking options

Add a comedy magic character
From £370
Turn your magician into comedy character Gareth from Tech Support!
Add another magician
From £860
Double the magic!

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