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17 Affordable Music Rehearsal Studios in London

Advice for musicians

Advice for musicians

With music rehearsal studios finally opening up again, it's time to get reacquainted with your bandmates! We've rounded up the cheapest (asbestos-free) practice spaces in London.

17 Affordable Music Rehearsal Studios in London

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As musicians, we’ve all been there; sat in an overpriced, dingy rehearsal space praying that the dust falling from the ceiling isn’t asbestos, all while giving the drummer an evil death stare for booking the place.

Yes, I’ve been there plenty of times, which is why I’ve come up with 17 of the most affordable rehearsal spaces in London, that you can book without hesitation.

Having been a professional musician based in London for the past twelve years, I’ve had first hand experience at almost all of these establishments, and have received trusted intel from peers!

London is obviously a big place, so I’ll split this up and you can jump to your region: North, South, East or West.

Let’s kick this off in my neck of the woods, West London.

West London Rehearsal Studios

17 Affordable Music Rehearsal Studios in London

Arch Studios

Located in the leafy district of Chiswick, just a two-minute walk from Stamford Brook Tube Station, Arch Studios is a great choice for West London based musicians. All rooms are a good size and benefit from air conditioning and backline included.

Monday - Friday
11am – 5pm - £9 p/h
5pm – 11pm - £14 p/h
11 – 5 (6hr slot) - £45
5-11pm (6hr slot) £70

Saturday – Sunday
11am – 5pm - 11 p/h
5pm – 11pm - £14 p/h
11 – 5 (6hr slot) - £55
5-11pm (6hr slot) £70

Price reduction for block bookings – 20% off; 10% student discount.

17 Affordable Music Rehearsal Studios in London

Panic Music Rehearsal Studio

Panic Studios is located in North Acton and is a popular choice for West London based musicians. Featuring good size rooms with backline included, Panic Studios is a solid choice to get in a decent rehearsal at an affordable price.

Monday – Friday
10am – 2pm £11.50 p/h
2 – 6pm £11.50 p/h
6.15 – 9.15pm £14 p/h
9.30pm – 12.30am £14 p/h
Weekday Day Special – 7 hours £60

Saturday – Sunday
10am – 2pm £12 p/h
2 – 6pm £1 2p/h
6.15 – 9.15pm £12 p/h
Weekend Day Special – 7 hours £70

17 Affordable Music Rehearsal Studios in London

Bush Studios

Bush Studios is in the Heart of Shepherds Bush and is easily accessibly via public transport, alongside having some studio level parking. The studio has seen many musicians walk through its doors, and is highly respected by well-known artists, as demonstrated by their client list. However, you still won’t have to sell a kidney to pay to hire a room there.

250 sq/ft - Rehearsal Room
£15 p/h

500 sq/ft - Showcase / Pre-Production Room
Day 10:00 – 18:00 @ £180
Evening 18:30 – 23:30 @ £110
Lockout 10:00 – 23:30 @ £240

600 sq/ft – Showcase / Pre-Production Room
Lockout 10 – 23:30 @ £300

All rooms benefit from backline included in cost.

North London Rehearsal Studios

17 Affordable Music Rehearsal Studios in London

Storm Rehearsal Studios

Storm Rehearsal Studios is conveniently located right next to Holloway Road Overground Station. There are also Underground Stations close by, as well as benefiting from off road parking. Storm Rehearsal Studios offers decent sized, air-conditioned rooms that are also equipped with backline.

Monday – Friday 1200-1800 at £12/hr (solo rate £9/hr)
Monday – Thursday 1800-2330 at £18/hr
Saturday – Sunday 1200-1800 at £14/hr
Friday – Sunday 1800-2130 at £18/hr

17 Affordable Music Rehearsal Studios in London

Creation Studios

Creation Studios is a small boutique rehearsal space situated just a 5-minute walk from Camden Town Tube Station. A modest size, the room can facilitate no more than a 6-piece band. All backline is provided and is of a high standard, maintained by the owner who is also an active musician and electronic technician.

Monday – Friday 10am-6pm at £10.50/hr
Monday – Thursday 6pm-12am at £16.50/hr
Friday 6pm – 12am at £15\hr
Saturday – Sunday 10am-12am at £12.50/hr
Bank Holidays 10am-12am at £12.50
Solo Booking 10am – 12am at £8.50

17 Affordable Music Rehearsal Studios in London

K-Town Studios

K-Town Studio is a music shop/rehearsal studio, so you can rest assured that if your drummer forgets his sticks, the rehearsal won’t be a complete bust. Offering 5 rehearsal spaces in the heart of Kentish Town, K-Town Studios is a great option if you’re looking for a cost-effective rehearsal space that will enable a productive rehearsal. There is ample free onsite parking and is located close to Kentish Town Station.

Monday – Friday
11am–5pm £66
6.30pm–9.30pm £55
7pm–11pm £70
8pm–11pm £55
6pm–8pm £40
9.30pm–11.30pm £35
9.30pm–midnight £40

10am–2pm £45
2pm–6pm £50
6pm–10pm £50

10am–1pm £45
1pm–4pm £50
4pm–7pm £50
7pm–10pm £50

17 Affordable Music Rehearsal Studios in London

Mill Hill Music Complex

Opening in 1979, Mill Hill music complex has grown to one of London’s premier creative facilities, featuring 17 studios and seeing around 2000 musicians walk through its doors each week. No matter if you’re a solo musician, 3-piece function band, or need space to stage a large production rehearsal, Mill Hill Music Complex will certainly be able to facilitate you.

Being just a short walk from Mill Hill Broadway Station, and also benefiting from ample free onsite parking, it’s just about as convenient as it gets in London!

As there are so many different room options and prices can range from £6.50/hr to £25/hr depending on what you need, I won’t list all of their rates here - but if you swing by their website and ask for a quote, I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

East London Rehearsal Spaces

17 Affordable Music Rehearsal Studios in London

The Engine Rooms

The Engine Rooms Studios are located just a short walk away from Bow Road Station. It comprises of 4 medium size rooms and one larger room for bigger groups. All rooms are in good condition and all backline is included within the cost.

Studio One (8x8m)
Monday – Friday 11am to 6pm: £12 per hour
Monday – Friday 6pm to midnight: £20 per hour
Weekends & Bank Holidays: £15 per hour
Lockout: £150 per day (further discounts available for additional days)

Studio Two, Three & Four (4.4x5.5m)
Monday – Friday 11am to 6pm: £10 per hour
Monday – Friday 6pm to midnight: £15 per hour
Weekends & Bank Holidays: £12 per hour
Lockout: £100 per day (further discounts available for additional days)

17 Affordable Music Rehearsal Studios in London

Premises Studios

Premises Studios is in a prime location for musicians - just a short walk from Hoxton station, you will find all the bars, restaurants and cafes you can imagine, not to mention some of the most popular live music venues that London hosts.

It’s not the most ideal place to travel by car (where in the heart of London is?!), but once you’re there, Premises Studios offers a great rehearsal facility.

They have 8 rooms in three sizes, however there is an additional cost for backline, which make it one of the more expensive studios on this list, but that was to be expected given the location, right?

Small (1-6 musicians)
4 hours - £44.80; 8.5 hours - £89.60; Lockout/13hrs- £134.40
Medium (6-10 musicians)
4 hours – £54.40; 8.5 hours - £108.80; Lockout/13hrs - £163.20
Large (10-15 musicians)
4 hours - £72.00; 8.5 hours - £144.00; Lockout/13hrs - £216.00

17 Affordable Music Rehearsal Studios in London

Vatican Rehearsal and Recording Studios

In the heart of Bethnal Green, Vatican Rehearsal Studios is in a great location. Having been established for over 30 years, Vatican Studios has seen its fair share of musicians come and go.

No matter if you’re a rock band, function band or jazz band, you’ll be able to get in a solid rehearsal in one of their 4 decent size rooms.

Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm
Room 1, 2, 3 & 4 / £14 per hour (backline included - 1 combo, 1 drum kit & 1 bass amp)
Monday - Saturday after 6pm
Room 1, 2 & 3 / £14 per hour
Room 4 / £12 per hour
All day Sunday
Room 1, 2 & 3 / £14 per hour
Room 4 / £12 per hour

17 Affordable Music Rehearsal Studios in London

The Music Complex

Ok, so the Music Complex is technically South East London, but it’s a worthy mention on the list. Conveniently located amongst the hustle and bustle of New Cross and Deptford, you won’t be short of amenities.

The Music Complex offers 5 different rooms, all equipped with backline at an additional cost. However, given the low-cost hourly rates, it still makes it quite an affordable rehearsal studio given the location.

Room 1 (223 sq feet)
Peak - £11p/h; Off peak - £9.50p/h
Room 2 (272 sq feet)

Peak £15p/h; Off peak - £12.50p/h
Room 3 (147 sq feet)

Peak - £7.50p/ph; Off Peak - £6p/ph
Room 4 (256 sq feet)

Peak - £11p/h; Off peak - £9.50p/h
Room 5 (266 sq ft)

Peak - £11p\h; Off peak £9.50p/h

South London Rehearsal Studios

17 Affordable Music Rehearsal Studios in London

Brixton Hill Studios

Brixton Hill Studios is a dedicated suite of live recording and rehearsal rooms situated in the bustling Brixton. Although a 15-minute walk from Brixton Tube Station, the studios feature high end acoustic specifications, priding themselves on their rooms sound quality.

As an added bonus, you can choose to take home a recording of your rehearsal via usb stick or email.

Brixton Hill Studios has 5 rehearsal rooms, all at varying prices. For the sake of keeping this blog under a 5 hour read, here’s a link to Brixton Hill Studios pricing structure, so you can figure out what works well for you.

17 Affordable Music Rehearsal Studios in London

Super Unison Studios

Just a 2-minute walk from Peckham Rye Station, Super Unison Studios is an ideal place if you’re looking to organise a rehearsal In South London. Housing 5 fully equipped rehearsal rooms, all between 18-20 metres squared, you’ll certainly be able to enjoy a band practice that won’t break the bank.

Monday – Friday
10am – 6pm - £12p/h
6pm – 11pm - £16p/h

Weekends and Bank Holidays - £16p/h

17 Affordable Music Rehearsal Studios in London

Music Room London

Although technically South East London, Music Room London could not be left off of this list. A legendry rehearsal complex, formerly a library (shhh!) is full of a character and is certainly a vibey place for a rehearsal.

It also has its own bar, so obviously trumps all other rehearsal spaces on this list!

Jokes aside, Music Room London has 5 great rehearsal rooms varying in size and prices, ranging from just £50-£180.

17 Affordable Music Rehearsal Studios in London

Rockbottom Rehearsal Studios

Primarily a music store, but also housing 3 rehearsal rooms, Rockbottom is a great place to organise a band rehearsal in South London, and is just a short walk from West Croydon Station.

With over 40 years in the business and an incredible list of music luminaries, you’ll certainly be in a place of music history. All rooms are fully equipped, and you’ll be in good hands at the store should you need to purchase anything whist there.

Large Room £50; Normal Room £40; Small Room £30

Mon-Fri 10am-6pm; 7pm-11pm
Saturday 10am-2pm; 2pm-6pm
Sunday 11am-3pm; 3pm-7pm

17 Affordable Music Rehearsal Studios in London

An added bonus...

Pirate Studios

This blog wouldn’t be complete leaving this one off the list! I’m sure you already know about Pirate Studios, but If not, Pirate Studios is an international rehearsal/recording franchise, featuring 7 rehearsal spaces in London alone, with many others throughout the UK.

You can often hire rooms at a lower cost than most studios, however the trade-off is that they are completely self-service, booking through an online system to then receive a code to let you into the building. It’s kind of an impersonal experience, but providing that everything in the room is working, you can get a great value rehearsal.

Prices vary from place to place, so you’re best to visit the website and get a quote online.

So, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen - 17 of the most affordable rehearsal studios in London. I really do hope this helps you out and you can now have stress free, cost effective rehearsals!

Happy practicing!

Written by Ant Sullivan, a professional session drummer and educator, for Function Central, a live wedding and party band booking agency.

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