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Martin J Magic


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Recently seen on BBC 1 & live on Channel 4, member of The Magic Circle magician Martin J Magic is one of the UK’s most experienced close-up magicians having performed at over two thousand events worldwide. Highly entertaining magic for corporate events, weddings & parties.

With such extensive performing experience, Martin J Magic has mastered the art of witty, comedic Close-up Magic! Martin J Magic will approach each group or table and perform magic with cards, coins, ropes, sponge balls, bank notes…even borrowed and everyday objects!

Signed cards appear in Martin J Magic’s pockets, impossibly into his wallet and impossibly change in the spectators hands. Coins fall UPWARDS, sponge rabbits have a mind of their own and borrowed notes change in value! If gasps, smiles & laughter sound appealing for your next event, Martin J Magic is the perfect choice.

A world class group and table hopping close-up magician for all corporate, weddings, birthday parties, Christmas / Xmas parties and private events with added charisma and personality!

Absolutely awesome magic entertainment! Chris & Jo, Wedding, London

Although interested since a young child, it wasn’t until the age of 18 that Martin J Magic began learning the art of ‘Close-up Magic’. At the age of 21, Martin J Magic flew to Spain attempting to make a living in magic, performing his close-up act in bars for tips. After two months of performing seven nights per week he had been noticed by the management of the largest variety show venue in Spain. There he became the resident magician & illusionist for five years performing close-up magic on spotlight, table to table in front of audiences of over 1000 nightly.

Recognising his talent, he was offered a spot on the stage which he accepted by developing and performing a double-act dove and parrot magic act, followed by making a 16 metre long Lear Jet Aeroplane magically appear on the stage…now known as the World’s largest stage illusion.

Gaining a large amount of experience in visual stage magic & illusions, Martin decided it was time to develop two full shows coupling visual magic with comedy, which proved a huge success. At the age of 25 he was approached by various cruise lines, where he baffled and brought laughter to audiences on over 100 cruise ship contracts for 5 years.

Now in his mid-30s, Martin is now based near London, performing Close-up & Comedy Stage Magic at corporate events, weddings, private parties and more in London, throughout the UK & worldwide upon request!

Performance info

Line-up Magician
Performance duration 1-2 hrs Mix & Mingle

Booking options

Extra Performances
Add £60 per hour
Keep the magic going for longer!

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