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Jonathan & Louise

Real weddings

Real weddings

Jonathan and Louise's wedding contrasted traditional surroundings with the soulful music of Rich the saxophonist.

Jonathan & Louise

We chose Woburn Sculpture Gallery in Woburn, Bedfordshire as our wedding venue. It's a huge and majestic Georgian building, set in the beautiful grounds of Woburn Abbey.


Although the setting was very formal, we like to think of ourselves as a modern and contemporary couple, so we were looking for music to fit this.

We found Function Central from a Google search. We browsed their listing of wedding bands and musicians in and around Bedfordshire, and found Rich, a sax player.


We wanted something a little different for our during our drinks and canapés, and Rich fit the bill. We loved his sound – we just had to have him!

Rich was extremely good, and on top of that he was very professional and a really nice person who managed to bond with the guests. He was in keeping with the vibe of event and everyone loved the music. The live band we had in the evening were excellent and complemented the sax tones.


We wanted people to be relaxed and enjoy the environment, and music was absolutely key to achieving this.

We both like jazz, soul and funk music and both Rich and our evening band fulfilled this criteria perfectly. Rich was superb and it was great to see people enjoy themselves so much.

Our advice to other couples planning their big day is do not underestimate how much guests appreciate good music and how much it creates an amazing atmosphere!



Venue - Woburn Sculpture Gallery, Bedfordshire
The venue. Extremely professional and everything ran to time. Very well organised and superb food.

Photography - Abraxas Photography
Again very professional and helpful. We didn't realise they were there in the evening, as they did such a good job blending in.

Cake - Hockey's Cakes
They were brilliant. So easy to deal with and did an amazing job with our cake.

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Rich Sax

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The silky sound of Rich's sax will make any drinks reception or social gathering a joyous occasion! Rich has a wide selection of music chosen to create a relaxing atmosphere and easy listening.

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